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We are your one-stop bitcoin service.  We can source, hold, and liquidate bitcoin for you. Reducing the confusion, risks, and dangers for you.





Bitcoin ownership in Canada is legal and so is our proprietary Frozen Bitcoin Wallet Service. We operate in a fully compliant manner exceeding industry applicable regulatory standards. We are one of Canada’s oldest federally incorporated businesses working in the bitcoin industry since 2013.





We are in the business of reducing risks for our customers. We don’t use vulnerable and unregulated crypto-exchanges; we rely on our trusted Canadian Strategic Vendors to source and sell your bitcoin for you. We reduce the risks of cyber attack, physical loss and corruption, loss due to forgetfulness, death, and employee turn over with our proprietary Frozen bitcoin Wallet Service.  We also reduce the risks of international regulatory uncertainty by operating solely within Canada.





Bitcoin under our custody is safeguarded at all times with regular third-party security audits. All transactions use multi-step client and instruction verification and audit trails. We exceed regulator standards to assure the highest level of protection of our clients and bitcoins we hold for them, with both an internal Compliance Officer and third-party compliance consultants.





All team members undergo security training provided by an external firm. Bitcoins are stored offline in our proprietary Frozen Bitcoin Wallet Service. Physically and cryptographically protected within Canada. All steps (online and offline) of our proprietary cold storage process are subject to regular security audits conducted by an external firm.





The team includes a two-term MLA and a former Saskatchewan Minister of Finance. Our Chief Compliance Officer was counsel for one of Canada’s security regulators. The Chief Legal Officer was Crown counsel for Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice Civil Law department and won the first Bitcoin case against a securities regulator in Canada. Our President is an IT expert having worked in the industry since 1982


We use our proprietary Frozen Bitcoin Wallet Service to help ensure your cryptocurrency remains secure and available for retrieval on customer request. We also supply regular reporting and annual wallet rotation to assure your cryptocurrency stays protected year after year until you need them. A further level of protection is provided by assuring your assets remain physically stored in Canada to reduce fluctuations in international regulations and cryptocurrency related laws.


Initial client verification is done online and offline. Retrieval requests require multi-step online and offline verification utilizing multiple team members at geographically separated locations to assure the highest level verification and accuracy we can provide. We take your crypto seriously and mitigate security risks at every stage of our process.


Wonder what happens to your bitcoins when you die?  Our proprietary Frozen Bitcoin Wallet Service is the solution to assure continuity of ownership regardless of your company’s staff turn over or death of an individual. When we hold bitcoins for you we will only ever return them to you or your lawful representative (Executor). We do not transfer bitcoin to third-parties unless compelled to do so by law. While we hold custody of your bitcoin, you always maintain legal title to them, unlike a trust or fund, where your holdings are subject to the ownership, management and mismanagement of others. We simply preserve your crypto currency – only you decide what to do with them.

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