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Canada’s Most Established and
Trusted Crypto Storage Company

Safe. Simple. Secure.


The easiest way to source and store bitcoin. We source the bitcoins for you and then hold them for you in a safe and secure manner. If you choose to sell your bitcoin we can help you do that too.

Our bitcoin bailment offers a legal avenue for customers to place funds into bitcoin in a manner compliant with and protected by existing Canadian contract and property laws.

Unlike a trust, you always maintain title and ownership of your bitcoin. We just keep them safe for you.

The benefits of using our bitcoin bailment product are:


  • You don't bear the risk of losing your private or public key and losing your bitcoin;

  • We securely store your bitcoins so you don't have to worry when your computer is hacked;

  • Continuity - if something happens to you or your employees your bitcoin are not lost and can be retrieved;

  • We provide regular account updates to let you know how your bitcoin account is doing;

  • Low fees in storing, sourcing, and retrieving your bitcoin.



Our team includes a former Minister of Finance. Our Chief Compliance Officer was counsel for one of Canada’s securities regulators. Our Chief Legal Officer was Crown counsel for a provincial Ministry of Justice Civil Law department.  Our President is an IT industry expert and entrepreneur with a track record of success.

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